lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

This is the final A1, where you will find a compilation of all work performed during the course, all worked on the ideas and conclusions about my project. This organized with work them individual and group work.
This is the diagram that I decided to make for my project, so perform a survey both friends as teachers and family members, participation was high and I decided to choose the best results and the most representative. Conducted questions were about his opinion about the rest of work and the Association of colors and shapes with music styles. Interested me in this since my project dealt with lights and sounds, and this helped me to work with my structures based with light and to link both ideas.

This was the survey carried out

This is technical drawing we had to do, in my case I decided to reuse the structure drawn in the mock-up and create an object formed by this structure. The objective of this drawing was an analysis of n would be the projections of this object by projecting light envelope, you can imagine thousands of forms to the project.

This is the first A1 you make, where you will find all my jobs had done so far described.

This is my fifth individual work, which was to make a model of our project. Following the idea of lights I decided to make a structure that had previously investigated by sketches. The material used was a series of magnetic parts allowing an efficient and simple work. This structure aimed at projecting it to study the shadows that generated, that feelings produced. ...

These are some sketches made

This was my third job, I feel that the thumbnail of the video is not viewable, youtube was not located me video, in this job I decided to work with public spaces and to me based on alteration of spaces. I chose a roundabout since it brought me the feeling of place of relaxation and rest.

This was my second job, where we had to make an alteration on a private space as our room, so I decided to work on the issue of lights and using a UV light and a few figures placed by the walls of the room, turned off the lights and tried to light up the room with the focus, thus achieving diversity forms and sensations.

This is my first course work, in which we had to make an interpretation with our body on that type of architect would like us to be, so I decided to perform a rap song, since it is my best way of expressing myself.

viernes, 20 de diciembre de 2013


A1 - Third attemt - Loisa, Matías



In this work, we can see the evolution of all my ideas, since the begining when i answer myself ''what kind of architect i wuould like to be''. I decide to be an architect well conscious with the nature and enviroment, benefiting of their shapes and taking care of the light. Now i have my ideas developed, i made diagram to realize that before doing a work we have to think a lot and answer people to whom it will be related. I made model, 3D, i use a lot of programs and finally i do two works in a near place, the cala's of El Cabo, directec to a different people. In this year i know that there are different formats and weys to project your architecture.

Final_Work // Final_A1_Ideas_Recopilation // Sergio_García

martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013

Pinterest: Red social útil para arquitectos

Se habló en clase de estar más en contacto y compartir “descubrimientos”.
Pinterest es una aplicación que podría servir para potenciar ese intercambio, ya que es una red social de particular interés para arquitectos.


lunes, 9 de diciembre de 2013

Diagram of spaces and uses of young people

Diagram about the time of use of the spaces in relation to the habitability the uses adapted to the ages of the polled ones (between 16 and 22 years old)

domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013

Diagramas - Loisa, Matías

Estos son los diagramas del trabajo personal (DESCARGAR AL FINAL), quedan pendientes otros diagramas acerca de la concepción espacial iniciada en el ejercicio del video, de carácter mas personal.


El blog no permite subir imágenes en buena calidad, por lo que se utiliza otro alojamiento para los archivos originales:


A3 completo 300 dpi - jpg

Diagramas por separado 300 dpi - PDF